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How we started, who we are and what we stand for...

Zebras in Wild

About us

 Wildlife Wear is founded by entrepreneur Hannah Russell, the brand first came to light in 2018 under the name ‘Russell Rhino’ where the business was structured around raising awareness for Rhinos, as the company has developed we wanted to make a difference to not just Rhinos but many wildlife that is endangered on this planet, after creating success with the business Russell rhino we wanted to take the brand further and help more animals on this planet.


 As well as making some major changes in the structure of the business, focusing on the brands ethics by making sure our products where 100% organic and using 100% toxin free printing methods so when you wear our clothes you know that our print process is 100% non-toxic and produces no harmful waste. 


Our mission is to help build a better future for the animals on this planet, having a specific focus on endangered species and trying to help raise awareness for them as well as creating a successful project and getting involved in monthly campaigns organised by charities and wildlife organisations.


Throughout the year you will see new designs released into the clothing as well as new wildlife ranges as the company develops and takes forward it’s goals to help animals and the environment across the world.


 Wildlife Wear is here to help make some noise about the importance of the wildlife and the environment; we are more than just a clothing brand we are here to help the world and raise awareness.

The mission

To make a difference....

Small changes can make huge impacts, we can’t click our fingers and everything will be better tomorrow but we can try make a difference in each day and that leads to great results.

Aerial Pine Trees

The World


‘The idea that the natural world is vulnerable has only entered the modern general consciousness in the last few decades. Throughout history, nature has been considered an immeasurably vast and infinitely bountiful resource; but today the power structures have changed, and the natural world depends on us as much as we depend on it. – cntraveller’

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